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Black-tailed Godwits Limosa limosa at Cabo da Praia, Terceira 2012-10-31 (Photo: Staffan Rodebrand).

The interest for birds and bird watching in the Azores is rising every year. Many Azoreans discover this which gives their visit outside in the nature an extra dimension. Photographers find birds so exciting that they want to learn more. Visiting bird watchers from all over Europe find the Azorean birdlife so interesting that they come back year after year. There is a constant need for sharing information about birds and bird localities, to learn, to discuss and to gather and make available for all this every-day growing knowledge of Azorean birds.

Become a member of Azores Bird Club.
To become a member of Azores Bird Club (ABC), just send a mail to Azores Bird Club with your name with contact data, and we will contact you.There is at the moment no member fee for joining the ABC, and hopefully we can keep it in that way in the future. Any donation would be appreciated, and please contact the treasurer for more information if you want to make a contribution.
   You can here find a list of members of ABC.

More about Azores Bird Club (ABC).
The primary purpose of the association is to collect, document and publicly present information about birds and bird watching in the Azores. The information should be presented digitally on the Birding Azores website. In addition, the association should promote the exploration and protection of the Azorean bird fauna, as well as arouse and maintain public interest in the avifauna and bird environment.
   Since ABC is an international Club, with members from many countries, as well as Azorean members from different islands in the archipelago, the opportunities for scheduled meetings in real life will be few. Most meetings and all discussions and voting at all meetings, both member meetings and board meetings, must be able to take place in the digital realm.

Board of directors and contact information
The statutes in Swedish, with translations in English and Portuguese.
Agenda for April 2014-April 2015.

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