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Aberrant birds on the Azores

In preparation for an article on aberrant birds on the Azores, dates of observations/sightings, and in particular photographs, are sought. This applies to birds with leucistic, part-leucistic or albino characteristics.
   In addition, all known verified occurrences of the melanistic form of the Blackcap are required (for previous confirmed records see Hering, J. (2005): First record of a ôVeiled Blackcapö, the melanistic form of the Blackcap Sylvia atricapilla, on Flores, Azores. - Limicola 19: 217-224].

Aberrant Starling Sturnus vulgaris granti at Rossio de Sant'Ana, Terceira (Photo 2008-06-21: Jens Hering).

Albinistic House Sparrows Passer domesticus on Flores 2008. (Photo: Staffan Rodebrand).

   Please send details of sightings and photographs to Jens Hering

   Many thanks in advance, Jens Hering, Germany.

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