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Spotted Sandpipers Actitis macularius at Lajes do Pico, Pico 2007-10-08 (Photo: Staffan Rodebrand).

Here you find all the latest headlines as well as some older ones that still might be of interest. They are displayed in chronological order, and in those cases they have been updated on a later date you will see this within the parenthesis at the end of the headline.


2011-12-26  Origin and flight pattern for North American vagrants.
2011-12-26. Origin and flight pattern for North American vagrants...
2011-12-21  Some old dubious Azorean records.
2011-12-21. Some old dubious bird observations from the Azores..
2011-09-08  Common migratory bird census
2011-09-08. Report common migrants and give your help to conservation plans..
2011-05-03  A Buff-bellied Pipit Anthus rubescens arriving by boat?
2011-05-03. About shipassisted birds arriving to the Azores.
2011-03-22  Eurasian Collared Doves (Rola-turca) Streptopelia decaocto in the Azores.
2011-03-22 (2011-11-30). Collared Dove now a permanent breeding bird in the Azores..
2011-02-14  Colour ringed birds from Ireland, Holland, Belgium and Germany.
2011-02-14, and updated. New discoveries of ringed birds.
2010-09-03  The "best in west" competition, Corvo or Flores?
2010-09-03. Where will all new American vagrant birds turn up this autumn?.
2010-07-12  A photo documentation of old obtained birds has started with the collection in Museu Carlos Machado in Ponta Delgada.
2010-07-12. Read more... .
2010-06-12  Bird subspecies (races) in the Azores possible to separate in the field.
2010-06-12. Bird subspecies(races) in the Azores possible to separate in the field.
2010-03-13  A cleaner Cabo da Praia
2010-03-13. At last there seem to be a start for the improvements at the famous wader site..
2009-12-19  Record influx of Blue-winged Teals in October 2009
2009-12-19. Read more......
2009-09-29  Watching pelagic birds.
2009-09-29. Sea watching. Seabird counts and information about sea watching.
2009-08-24  Slow progress at Terceira bird watching sites
2009-08-24. Read about the situation at Cabo da Praia and Paul da Praia..
2009-04-22  The Wood Duck Aix sponsa at Terra Nostra Park in Furnas
Updated 2009-06-26 (2009-04-22). Information about the longstaying Wood Duck Aix sponsa at Terra Nostra Park in Furnas, São Miguel.
2009-03-18  American Black Duck breeding on Flores
2009-03-18. First breeding record of Black Duck Anas rubripes in Azores and the Western Palaearctic. .
2009-01-24  American Swallow-tailed Kites Elanoides forficatus in the Azores.
Updated 2009-03-10 (2009-01-24). Sightings of American Swallow-tailed Kites in São Miguel and Flores.
2008-12-08  Aberrant birds on the Azores
2008-12-08. Information about aberrant birds on the Azores is requested.
2008-12-07  Land animals, butterflies and more in the Azores.
2009-08-11. Land animals, butterflies and more in the Azores.
2008-09-11  More reasons for visiting Terceira?
2008-09-11. A restored wetland at Paul da Praia might be the new hot-spot for visiting birders.
2008-08-27  A birdwatching hide at Lagoa Branca, Flores.
2008-08-27. Read more about the first birdwatching facility in the Azores.
2008-03-18  Great White Egret Egretta alba egretta in the Azores was ringed (banded) in southern Canada
2008-03-18. Read more......
2007-11-25  Record influx of Semipalmated Plovers in October 2007
2007-11-25. Read more......
2007-08-11  Cabo da Praia – still a Western Palearctic wader hot-spot?
2007-08-11. The construction works will soon end. Read more about the recovering plans»
2007-08-04  Cetaceans in Azores.
2008-09-24. From harpoons to binoculars and cameras.
2007-05-09  An odd group of geese on São Jorge
2007-05-09 (2007-08-27). Read more about this strange group of geese....
2007-03-07  Snowy versus Little Egret
2007-03-07. Field separation between these two very alike species is often a challenge. Intermediate birds seem to occur, and at the moment many seem uncertain to determine to one of the species. Read more about these egrets in the Azores.
2007-02-28  Azores bird names in English (American), Scientific, and Portuguese
2007-08-31. Azores bird species in English (American), Scientific, and Portuguese.
2007-01-07  Record influx of Great Blue Herons Ardea herodias to Flores in October - November 2006.
2007-01-07. Read more....
2006-07-23  Northern Wheatear Oenanthe oenanthe breeding on Corvo, Azores?
Read more....
2006-05-22  Azores Bullfinch Pyrrhula pyrrhula murina (Priôlo)
2006-05-22 (and updated). More about the Azores Bullfinch Pyrrhula pyrrhula murina (Priôlo).
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