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Transparent utfyllnad The first bird-watching facility in the Azores!
A hide at Lagoa Branca in Flores.

During late August a bird watching hide at the western side of Lagoa Branca in Flores has been constructed. For the idea, getting financing and permits, and most of the practical work we have to thank Gerbrand "Gerby" Michielsen, a well known trail-constructor, guide, and naturalist living in São Miguel. All promoters, co-workers, photographers helping out with the information panel etc. will be thanked in due course - but "Gerby" wants the news to be spread as soon as possible since the hide is already ready to use. Apart from a couple of Moorhens holding territory in the lake, a first local rarity - the first Wood Sandpiper for Flores has already been spotted from the hide!

To easiest find the hide - do not use the the normal eastern road up to Lagoa Branca, but take instead the dirt road northwards to Morro Alto. After about a kilometre, just before curving left, you will find the trail (PR-3-FLO), marked with yellow red sign. Walk this trail about 150 m and you will find a small path leading to the hide (100 m). You could of course also start walking the trail from the Lagoa Branca road. Here the trail will be found just opposite Lagoa Seca, and you have to walk (against WNW) almost a kilometre before you find the little path (to the north) to the hide.
Note that the hide is west of the lake - so best light conditions will be in afternoons.

The Lagoa Branca hide project was financed by the Direcçao Regional de Turismo

Some highlights from Lagoa Branca:

Hooded Merganser Mergus cucullatus 2001-02-10, and 2002-04-04,
American Great Egret Egretta alba egretta 2001-10-30,
Great Blue Heron Ardea herodias 2005-09-22, and more,
Marsh Hawk Circus cyaneus hudsonius 2002-10-22, and 2005-09-24
Short-billed Dowitcher Limnodromus griseus 1998-09-05,
Greater Yellowlegs Tringa melanoleuca 2000-10-17, 2005-10-30, and 2007-10-14,
Solitary Sandpiper Tringa solitaria 1998-09-06.

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