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At last some progress at Cabo da Praia, and maybe a hope for more...

For many years the former quarry at Cabo da Praia has been used by many people to dump all kind of rubbish. But for some time now there have been construction plans for the area which includes a parking area, a shelter and a hide. First thing however was to clean the area and put an end to the dumping. Finally this was done on March the 9th when Marco Lopes, Carlos Pereira and a few others from the Fuel Terminal (Terparque, Lda and Bencom , S.A.) managed to take away about 2 tons of accumulated rubbish. Hopefully this will stop more dumping, and also make a start to the work with the parking area, shelter and hide. First when all these arrangements are done and are presented on site with information boards one might really count on a better treatment of this vital birding site. Hopefully also local authorities like SRAM, CMPV and others now will take their responsibilities and show their interest. This place is after all vital for bird watching in the Azores and a possibility for the local government to make a good promotion.

   The monitoring work (see older news from Cabo da Praia) is still going on, including monthly wader counts by Carlos Pereira/SPEA. Most wintering birds are soon to leave, but there is still a busy period with breeding Kentish Plovers Charadrius alexandrinus in the area.

Cleaning the land at Cabo da Praia, Terceira (Photos 2010-03-09: Carlos Pereira).

Staffan Rodebrand, Sweden.

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