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Old Azores bird records.

Brown Booby Sula leucogaster at Ilhéu da Vila Franca, São Miguel 1966-05-23. © Museu Carlos Machado/Staffan Rodebrand.

A photo documentation of old obtained birds has started with the collection in Museu Carlos Machado in Ponta Delgada. A large number of photos have been added to the Birding Azores database and there is also a special list with just the museum specimens at the Carlos Machado Museum page. This work is on its way and can hopefully be completed in the end of 2010. Among the birds are many interesting ones; for example the first Taiga Merlin Falco c. columbarius for the Western Palearctic, and the first Greater Flamingo Phoenicopterus roseus for the Azores.
   Hopefully this work can continue with other collections in the island, both public and private. All information about collections and photos are most welcome and will be added to the Birding Azores database. Probably there is more than one interesting bird to be found which is not yet included in the list of Azorean birds, and it is also valuable with documentation photos of birds already listed.

Staffan Rodebrand, Sweden.

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