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  Flores – Faj„ Grande
39 27'12.07"N, 31 15'43.15"W (39.453353, -31.261986)
2010-10-28, © Staffan Rodebrand
  Enlarge picture.
Faj„ Grande village photographed from north (Ponta). Just where the road ends in the west is a small harbour and a rocky beach with small pools that goes all the way around the faj„ to the southern end below the low fields. All this area is worth checking for waders and herons as well as newly arrived passerines.
2012-09-27, © Staffan Rodebrand
  Enlarge picture.
In the lava beach west of the coast there are a lot of tiny pools where often waders hide.
2012-09-27, © Staffan Rodebrand
  Enlarge picture.
The lava beach at the southern end of Faj„ Grande lower field where the coast road ends. When not disturbed by people fishing this area often holds herons and waders.
2012-09-30, © Staffan Rodebrand
  Enlarge picture.
Faj„ Grande area central woods seen from the lookout south of Faj„zinha. In the foreground Ribeira Grande mouth and lower Faj„zinha fields. To the left Faj„ Grande shore and lower fields. In the far background the village of Ponta.
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