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  São Miguel – ETAR wader site, Ponta Delgada
37 44'31.55"N, 25 39'00.85"W (37.742097, -25.650236)
2007-02-02, © Staffan Rodebrand
  Enlarge picture.
Ponta Delgada from east showing some of the major birding sites: To the west. The large pier at the western part of the harbour. From top of this there are good views over both the sea and the inner part of the harbour. In the centre. Ponta Delgada water treatment (ETAR) at the end of the avenue near S. Roque with a rocky area with tidal pools and plenty of food for shorebirds. To the east. Praia do Populo with beaches and rocks, often good for divers, shorebirds, gulls and terns.
2012-11-08, © Staffan Rodebrand
  Enlarge picture.
ETAR, Eastern Ponta Delgada.Rocky shores outside the water treatment building good for waders and herons (especially in late evenings). Birds are often best seen from the "roof" platform on the building. There are no good parking places near the building, but vacant places can often be found towards the marina 500 m to the west.
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