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  Ornithological bibliography of the Azores

Ring-billed Gulls Larus delawarensis at Praia da Vitória, Terceira 2007-01-25 (Photo: Staffan Rodebrand).

This ornithological bibliography focuses on published first hand information, and will not include second hand data like "recent sightings" published in mail-groups like Noticiário Ornitológico or journals like Birding World, Birdwatch, British Birds, and Dutch Birding. References from those are however found in the detailed rarity lists. The purpose is to present a searchable data base covering all articles published about ornithological issues concerning the Azores. This bibliography also includes articles, although not primarily focusing on birds, dealing with important bird localities and bird habitats on the Azores.

Earlier published bibliographies can be found in David and Mary Bannermans Birds of the Atlantic Islands (1966), and in Ornithological Bibliography of the Azores published by Gérald le Grand and Duarte Furtado in 1982.


You can search the bibliography by using the "Sort" function on the right.

Updated on 2014-04-23.
There are 387 references on this page.

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