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Transparent utfyllnad More reasons for visiting Terceira?
Paul da Praia a new hot-spot?

The main attraction for birdwatchers visiting Terceira has in recent years been the high number of different wader species possible to see in the quarry at Cabo da Praia. One or several visits there have often been combined with shorter visits to the harbour area (mostly late autumn and winter) in Praia da Vitória in search for interesting gulls, and short stops at Praia da Vitória ponds (= Paul da Praia), and other small wetlands or reservoirs like Lagoa do Ginjal, Lagoa do Negro or Cabrito water reservoir.
   The former comparable larger wetland at Paul da Praia is at the moment undergoing a restoration and new "ponds" and "ditches" have been constructed at the same time as the former landfill has been removed. This looks all very promising - and let's hopes that those in favour of a restoration towards a natural environment and function will lead the way, and that the area not will turn into an artificial city park. Time will tell!

Paul da Praia area in Praia da Vitória. A former wetland that have been reduced to a couple of small ponds and a rubbish dump (landfill), but now is being more and more restored. (Photo 2008-09-08: Filipe Barata).

   Apart from a larger wetland in Praia, which hopefully will attract both more birds and birdwatchers, there are also other changes taken place.
   The quarry at Cabo da Praia (or more exactly southeast of the harbour) is being slowly cleaned up and some temporary buildings have been removed. Although we still are waiting for the final cleaning from old rubbish, and the planned birdwatching shelters and hide - there is now a straight forward way to approach the area along the seaside from the north.
   Furthermore there is some sort of a seaside boardwalk being constructed between the fishing boat area in Cabo da Praia and the beach in Praia da Vitória. This means a better birdwatching path to use for those that arrange a taxi drive out to the quarry and then walk and bird the way back to Praia.

Construction works for a bordwalk between the beach in Praia da Vitória and the harbour area in Cabo da Praia. (Photo 2008-07-20: Simon Buckell).

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