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Slow progress at Terceira bird watching sites (Cabo da Praia and Paul da Praia)

At Cabo da Praia former quarry there are now printed construction plans for the area which includes a parking area, a shelter and a hide. This looks all very promising, but it seems all to be taking a very long time due to questions concerning who is owner of the land and who is building.
   The monitoring work (see older news from Cabo da Praia) is anyway still going on, including monthly wader counts by Carlos Pereira/SPEA.
   Unfortunately people are still dumping rubbish here, but Marco Lopes at Bensaude says they are hoping to be able to clean up the area this winter.

The ponds at Paul da Praia, Praia da Vitória, Terceira (Photo 2009-07-22: Staffan Rodebrand).

   This summer a lot of construction works have been carried out at and around the former large wetland at Paul da Praia. The ponds that earlier been enlarged are now bordered in south by a recreational park under construction. Beside the ponds there are three new wooden hides, which are well meant but maybe of lesser use (except as rain shelter). The hides are partly too close to the water and constructed with firm walls with only a few small holes too watch through.
   And, unfortunately, the sides of the ponds are still too steep, and the variation in the height of the bottom level is too little. This means that the ponds mostly will be somewhat suitable for ducks and herons - but unfortunately not for waders. Making more different height levels, with different water depths and more gently sloping sides would make more suitable areas for more birds.
   Still - this is a good project, and since there is a general lack of wetlands in the Azores - there will probably arrive interesting birds here even this autumn, especially when the construction works are over. Hopefully both the hides and the ponds still can be a little moderated to make this area more attractive both for birds and bird watchers.
The ponds at Paul da Praia, Praia da Vitória, Terceira (Photo 2009-07-22: Staffan Rodebrand).

Staffan Rodebrand, Sweden.

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