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Transparent utfyllnad Member and bird list page.

White-tailed Tropicbird twitchers at Fajãzinha, Flores 2011-10-15 (Photo: Seppo Haavisto).

Bird Listing.
In many part of the birding world there are lists of birders showing the number of species they have found in a special area or at a special time. There are year lists, garden lists, county lists, country lists, WP lists, world lists and many more. The scientific value of this can be discussed, but the lists are normally just for fun, for keeping order in one’s own records, and for competition among birding friends.
   The good things about listing are often an increase in the number of records being reported, especially of species that normally not count as major rarities, and also in more visits to new places and at new times of the year in order to add new species to one's list. Generally, listing also increases the interest for and knowledge of other species than just the major rarities. And, as said before, it could add more fun and joy to bird watching as well as increased contacts among groups of birdwatchers.

Ranking, personal lists, and species lists.
Below you will find the ranking, personal lists (click on the name) as well as species lists (who have seen what). Countable species follow the nomenclature used in the Birding Azores bird database, and it is only allowed to include observations of common, regular or rare species (for the latter, observations should be included in the database). Subspecies and species of category D-E (escapes or introduced species) are included in the lists but are not added into the number of species.

Azores Bird Club (ABC) member list.
Below you will also find the member list for ABC. Members not interested in keeping a personal bird list have entered only one species to the list in order to be added to the list.

Become a member of Azores Bird Club and update your Azores birdlist.
To become a member of Azores Bird Club, just send a mail to Birding Azores with your name, suggest a username and a password, and we will contact you.

Name Country Number of species Updated 
Bosse Carlsson Sweden 236 2015-10-25
Staffan Rodebrand Sweden 230 2014-02-03
Gerbrand Michielsen Portugal 219 2017-03-02
Michael Fricke Germany 219 2015-11-02
Pierre-André Crochet France 216 2015-10-12
Carlos Pereira Portugal 210 2016-01-04
Ingvar Torsson Sweden 208 2016-11-25
Kris de Rouck Belgium 208 2016-11-14
David Monticelli Belgium 205 2015-10-31
Tommy Frandsen Denmark 203 2014-10-10
Rúben Coelho Portugal 202 2017-03-03
Darryl Spittle UK 201 2015-10-26
Markku Santamaa Finland 197 2015-10-23
Vincent Legrand Belgium 195 2014-03-10
Pedro Rodrigues Portugal 189 2014-02-05
Olof Jönsson Sweden 181 2014-02-17
Keijo Wahlroos Finland 179 2014-03-01
Dominic Mitchell UK 175 2014-10-20
Simon Buckell UK 173 2014-03-12
Joël Bried France 173 2015-04-23
Cecilia Melo Portugal 172 2015-12-14
René-Marie Lafontaine Belgium 169 2014-03-06
Lars Mortensen Denmark 168 2017-01-18
Thomas Lang Germany 166 2016-10-23
Richard Bonser UK 162 2014-03-21
Richard Ek Sweden 158 2016-10-14
Per Forsberg Sweden 156 2016-11-21
Hannu Palojärvi Finland 154 2016-11-24
Holger Lauruschkus Germany 151 2016-10-28
Seppo Haavisto Sweden 147 2015-09-21
Guido Teenck Germany 146 2014-08-27
Thierry Jansen Netherlands 130 2014-02-03
Petri Kuhno Finland 130 2014-03-12
Janne Aalto Finland 122 2014-08-21
Jan Kåre Ness Norway 121 2014-03-20
Susana Ázera Portugal 120 2016-04-16
Kari T. Haataja Finland 119 2016-10-14
Sofia Goulart Portugal 118 2014-08-30
Nico de Vries Netherlands 108 2015-01-05
Filipe Barata Portugal 107 2014-06-19
Ferran López Sanz Spain 105 2014-11-05
Valter Medeiros Portugal 104 2017-01-20
Seppo Järvinen Finland 103 2014-10-22
André Vieira Portugal 100 2016-07-10
Vegard Bunes Norway 98 2014-03-18
Manfred Fleischer Germany 98 2014-11-08
Tero Linjama Finland 94 2014-03-20
Duarte Vieira Portugal 92 2016-08-17
Jesper Segergren Sweden 87 2014-03-08
Luís Gordinho Portugal 84 2015-11-24
Ana Mendonça Portugal 80 2016-11-06
Kathy Rita Portugal 77 2015-10-24
Jens Hering Germany 76 2014-03-16
Bjørn  Fuldseth Norway 70 2014-03-16
Tiago Resendes Portugal 70 2014-12-28
Carolina Ferraz Portugal 65 2014-03-05
Alf Ohlsson Sweden 65 2014-04-19
David M. Santos Spain 58 2014-05-26
Hugues Dufourny Belgium 57 2016-10-24
Ketil Toska Norway 57 2014-02-03
José Fraga Portugal 53 2014-03-13
Stefan Ettestam Sweden 45 2017-03-29
Michael Averland Sweden 42 2014-03-12
Elizabeth Pacheco Coelho Portugal 40 2016-10-09
Micha Arved Neumann Germany 40 2016-11-01
Luís Barcelos Portugal 37 2016-11-16
Carlos Ribeiro Portugal 30 2017-02-26
Jorge Cardoso Portugal 27 2017-01-16
Bo Thoor Sweden 23 2014-02-27
Jerry Bettencourt Portugal 16 2014-03-23
Eric Didner France 12 2016-10-20
Peter Alfrey UK 6 2016-11-25
Nuno Bicudo da Ponte Portugal 6 2017-02-06
Nelson Moura Portugal 3 2016-06-26
Carlos Medeiros Portugal 3 2017-03-03
Justin Hart UK 1 2014-03-04

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