Monte Verde beach, Ribeira Grande, São Miguel
© Jorge Cardoso, Portugal
Birding Azores
Mauri, pusilla or just a mau/pus? GENERAL: Obvious small stint with toes partly webbed. BILL. Short for a mauri (male) long for a pusilla. Rather broad at base, a little down curve is obvious on some of the photos (see database). OVER ALL COLOUR. Rather brown in some photos, grey in others. Not apparently rusty as in many mauri but not so plane and dull grey as in many pusilla. MANTLE COLOUR (SCAPULARES). Not obvious rusty but note shape and rusty appearance on some photos (cal_maupus19). HEAD. Obvious white eye stripe. Crown and ear-coverts grey. A very faint rusty tone in some photos. BREAST AND UNDERSIDE. Under part whitish with dark streaking on breast. Some streaking also on sides and belly seen on some photos and on video. Some of the streaking arrow-formed. FORM AND APPEARANCE: More upright and Dunlin-like than most smooth and gentle pusilla. VOICE. Unfortunately not yet heard.

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